Hi, I'm Ayala Meromi-Keinan. I was born in Israel by the Mediterranean sea, and Gusta was born in 2004 in Tel- aviv.

During my 20's I traveled all around the world - Tokyo, Antwerp Kathmandu, just to name a few, seeking adventures and sights. After 10 years of complete freedom I decided to settle down, and create something I love.

It took me a while to find my passion, but when I did i realized it came from my roots - my father the architect, my brother the artist, and my grandmother, Gusta, a costume designer, who always found creative ways to make beautiful outfits out of worn out pieces of fabric even during hard times. I finally understood that I, as well, speak the language of aesthetics.

Gusta's aesthetic is characterized with clean-cut, minimalist lines, monochromatic palette, comfort and functionality. It’s a wearable fashion brand. I think of Gusta as the style for the "new" working woman who loves her life and believes that fashion and aesthetics enable us to improve our daily living.
As a woman, I know the importance of comfortable clothing and that is why I only work with light materials and loose silhouettes. I believe that fashion and aesthetics enable us to improve our daily life.

The GUSTA collection offers a rich range of fabrics, from cotton jersey to denim and silk, always reflecting my philosophy of clean-cut modern design with a hint of rock n’ roll. My designs are created in boutique production and are sold in my boutique and studio, located in Tel-Aviv. My studio boutique is located in the center of Tel-Aviv's flea market area, a very eclectic atmosphere to create in. Tiny picturesque streets with many stores and street vendors surround me and inspire me every day to create new things.

I hope you will enjoy my items as much as I enjoy creating them.

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