Roni Singer

Roni Singer

Q: what are you up to these days?

A: After 18 years of journalism in the most important and demanding places (Haaretz, Uvda, Calcalist) I decided to go on a new path of entrepreneurship. Along with dietitian Noa Avraham, I founded the "Sugar-free challenge" (אתגר ללא סוכר) – A digital project to getting the sugar off the plate. The entrepreneur world is a roller coaster of hardship and success, that I sometimes experience all in one hour. But true happiness is hearing of the real change going in peoples' lives after embracing the sugar-free lifestyle I so believe in. Aside of this, I still flirt with journalism, mainly because I cannot live without this bug in my life, this way or the other.


Q: Tell me one thing people don't know about you.

A: I was a singer in a punk band. People who know me might remember this detail from my past, but it is certainly the most surprising thing to to learn about my days in the band, screaming (or coughing. Yes, We had a song where coughing was a central motif) while wearing lace and net leggings.


Q: Which song always makes you happy?

A: "Superstition" By Stevie Wonder. No matter when I hear the bang of the drums that start the song, my heart lifts and I know my day will be better. Music is the best thing, the one truth, the only happiness (of course that nest to the children, and health) … So it was hard choosing just one..  Any song by Ella Fitzgerald also sends my happiness meter soaring.

Q: What is the one item in your closet you can't get rid of?
A: Aside my favorite jeans, My buttoned tops, and my black dress, I have this one black coquettish vest that is with me for 10 years. In my days as a field reporter I felt it suited my reporter image, and when I wanted to add sophistication to the white T shirt and Jeans at night, this Vest was the twist. My friends made fun of me for years, saying "Who wears a vest?". In the past years vests made a comeback, and with them this item that made it through all my closet clean-outs.


Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

A: As someone who is sugar-free for 3 years now, and low on carbs, I understand guilty pleasure automatically means sweets. For me, it's all about the finest, fattiest cheeses. I know what makes us fat is whatever we eat too much of, meaning sugar. That's why I am not afraid of fatty cheese from time to time – along with a glass of red wine – perfection.

Q: What do you wish yourself for your birthday 10 years from now?
A: I wish myself serenity. I want it to be how things are now, minus the pressure of building a business and taking care of young children. All that is important is wine in my hand, sunset at sea, a nice breeze, good friends by me, knowing my partner and kids are in a good place, and, well hypochondriac me - good health of course.  


Q: What advice would you give your younger self?

A: "You are alright, even with all the distractions, and people around you making you measure yourself against them and feel you are not where you want to be – you will be! Try being more relaxed, it's not worth all those hours of stress, sorrow and anger, over so many things that are nothing but foam over the water. Oh, and go abroad for a longer period of time – everything will wait, and nothing will happen without you."